We’ll be using a spaceship bridge simulator called Artemis. At Spacefleet Academy, you’ll choose which role to play on the ship. The playable stations are Captain, Helm, Science, Engineering, Weapons, and Communications.
Photo & Information Source: ARTEMIS SPACESHIP BRIDGE


The Engineer can see the status of the ship’s systems in detail, and adjust the power levels of different systems. Engineers have to stay on their toes, particularly in combat situations to balance the power needs of the other officers.


The Weapons officer selects what type of ordinance to fire at whom. Ships in Artemis can be equipped with beams, several kinds of torpedoes, and proximity mines. Weapons officers can also raise and lower the shields, and control what is displayed on the main view screen.


The Helm officer steers the ship. Most of the ships in Artemis have a standard warp drive, but a few can make point to point jumps. Helm can also raise and lower the shields and control what is displayed on the main view screen.


The Communications officer sends and receives messages from computer controlled ships and stations. Communications needs to work closely with science to monitor what’s happening on the play map, and in combat situations get enemy vessels to surrender.


The Science officer gets to see the big picture, and can view the whole game map. The science officer identifies friends and foes, and is the first to know if one of your space stations or friendly computer controlled ships is under attack.


The Captain’s job is to see the big picture and make decisions about what enemies to take out, and to keep the crew alive. As such, the captain should be familiar with all of the ship’s positions. The captains also need to commit to mandatory captain meetings each evening, right after dinner, to discuss the progress of the campaign, new intel, and any major events that may have transpired. All crew are welcome.