“Tension and excitement are always the result, no matter how the dice land.”

-Dungeon World

International Tabletop Day is a time to celebrate play, and encourage others to join in the fun. A great way to bring a new friend to the table is to tell them what brings you there. I mean, why play Secret Hitler or Dungeons and Dragons over going out for beers. Well, why not both?

For all of us at Epic Nerd Camp, playing at the table is about creating those shared experiences and adventures (read: loot). It’s a great way to bond. Which is why on this most holy of nerd holidays, we’d like to hear why you love playing tabletop games. It can be anything–a favorite memory of a moment when the roll of the dice made the whole table shout out in unified joy or disappointment, or fall over in laughter. Or maybe you have a story of betrayal during your time as a budding warlord during a game of Risk.

I’ll start us off…

International Tabletop Day is a great way to come together over our shared love of board games, but consider signing up for a summer session in August at Epic Nerd Camp. Here our campers can revel in all forms of play, whether it’s on the table or in the great outdoors.

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